Here are some of the tattoos Hayden’s loved ones got in his memory!

The day after our foundation fundraiser at Game Time, I saw this driving to work.  It is not very clear, but it says H8YDEN.  I think maybe he was letting me know he was with us at the fundraiser!.

On March 20, 2018, Hayden’s cousin’s friends played their school lacrosse game for Hayden. Every game they have “4 Hayden” on their shoes and helmets. They pray for him and dedicate every game to him. It is beautiful and I pray Hayden is looking down smiling. ❤Missing him so much.

A friend of Hayden’s mom, Ashley, was lost in Akron. She came across this. Immediately after, she found her way to where she was going!

A friend of the family saw this on the bathroom door at his concert venue one weekend.

So we were at the Perry pool celebrating a birthday. It was about 35 degrees outside. All the kids are swimming. Me and my daughter had to go get something out of the car. The minute I touched the door, the alarm went off! We had to evacuate, here are all the kids, adults, and lifeguards running outside in their bathing suits, Uggs,and towels! Here supposedly “someone ” on the other side of the building set off the Fire Alarm. I think Hayden did it because the little ones wouldn’t recognize a small sign. Miss you every second of every day!

Love you, Grandma